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Cannabis Friendly Events in the Pacific Northwest

Oregon is the most dynamic legal cannabis market in the world. Our history, medical community, and mature product selection make us the perfect destination for cannabis tourism.


The beauty of the Pacific Northwest provides the perfect backdrop for your cannabis trip. We pair unique experiences, cannabis education and support, and quality basics to ensure your trip is an unforgettable adventure, no matter how dank your flower!

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Our Tours

We offer unique tours for patients, entrepreneurs, and the cannacurious, catering to groups of all sizes.


We are excited to work with you to customize your ideal experience.

Sample Tour Packages


Weed 101


Interest in cannabis has exploded, but good information is still hard to find. Navigating the dispensary and deciding how to combine your consumption with fun, safe activities can be an overwhelming proposition. We make it easy so you can just relax and enjoy.

Patient Focus


Access our network of medical professionals, combine your consumption with guided physical practice, balanced menus, guided meditation, and wellness treatments to optimize your health and well being.

Event Plus


We can support your destination wedding, family reunion, or corporate retreat with small group breakout support. Give your bridal party or executive group a unique experience and your larger gathering an unforgettable occasion.



Entrepreneurs from emerging markets can benefit from this fact-finding trip, helping to clarify your goals, business plans, and strategies. We provide an inside look at specific brands, the realities of cannabis production at scale, and an understanding of the legal pitfalls that await.

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Jesse Bontecou
Co-Executive Director, ORCA

“Miranda is a cannabis event pro. She ensures safe, compliant, enjoyable events of multiple sizes and handles logistics seamlessly.”

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